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       Shandong Group Rizhao Port, an important node of the Belt and Road, is located in the central coastal area of China, bordering the Pacific Ocean, and facing South Korea and Japan across the sea. So that it is an important seaport for Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other provinces in the NAELB economic belt.
       It has an efficient and convenient transportation system. Its highway network is extending in all directions. There are two thousand kilometers of railway, named the XINHEYANRI Railway and the WARI Railway , which goes directly to the Port, goes west to Alataw Pass and Khorgos, connecting Central Asia and Europe; or goes through Ganqimaodou, connecting Mongolia and Russia. 

       Shandong Group Rizhao Port Container Terminal Developing Co.Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Port Rizhao Port Group Co.Ltd. This company has a registered capital of 1.45 billion yuan. It is responsible for investigate container routes, handling containers, railway containers , packaging and dismounting containers, agency business and so on. Based on the development and positioning of Shandong Port, we are committed to building a bridgehead for China's coastal domestic trade container hub port, foreign trade near-sea trunk port, ocean-going branch port, and the bridgehead of the country's "Belt and Road" multimodal container transport.
       The company has 5 container berths and 1 ro-ro passenger ship berth. The shoreline is 1,600+200 meters long. The depth of water is - 17 meters. The storage yard is 1110,000 square meters. The company has plenty of container special equipment like 22 quay cranes, 32gantry cranes, 30 automated ARMG, 3 railway gantry crane, some reach stackers and empty handlers. Shandong Group Rizhao Port has built the first onshore dual-cantilever automated yard in China, which has been put into operation and exceeded 2 million TEUs, realizing the digital upgrade of the container terminal production information management system.
According to the development plan of " Bulk in South, Containers in North",the third phase of the berth renovation project has 860 meters of coastline and 320,000 square meters of automatic storage yard, which has achieved joint ship operation and single line operation of unmanned card collection at present. "The Shandong Port Rizhao Port fully automated terminal, which is the trinity of "remote control quay bridge + automatic storage yard + unmanned card collection" , has made a new breakthrough.


       Creating a "Rizhao Port from South to North" container shipping brand .The company builds the most intensive domestic trade network, has more than 150 ships per month. COSCO, Zhonggu, An Tong, Xin Feng ,He De, Junan and other shipping companies has launched direct lines from North Shandong Group Rizhao Port to Dalian, Yingkou, south to Shanghai, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Shantou, Guangzhou, Haikou, Qinzhou and other ports, which can transit to different ports in the Yangtze River and the Pearl River and different cities in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan .
       As to foreign trade lines, Rizhao is direct to Pyeongtaek.The company introduced the COSCO, SITC and other main line shipping companies,. We have launched direct lines to Busan of the South Korea, to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam ,Laemchabang of Thailand, Osaka, Izumi Kitaku, Kobe, Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama Moji, Hakata. We transfer to the world's major ports relying on the branch lines of Zhongchuang, Sinotrans and Jinfeng to build the branch line network of foreign trade in Qingdao.


       The company has built 2 domestic leading container special railway lines, launched container trains from Rizhao to Zou Cheng, Yanzhou, Jining, Taian, Heze, Puyang East, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Xian, Chengdu, achieved smooth shipment to Zhengzhou, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Xining, Urumqi and other places, developed Continental bridge transit goods transportation business to Central Asia and Europe, via Alataw Pass, Khorgos and Erenhot. European trains have realizes “Round-trip FULL Containers” and The containers can reach the factory workshop in the hinterland directly by rail.

       Relying on the advantages of Shandong Group Rizhao port bulk cargo transportation, Rizhao Port independently researched and developed the packing process, and developed the “bulk to container” business of coal, coke, coiled steel, grain and other goods. There are 8 professional container yards in the port, covering an area of about 300,000 square meters. With an automated packing operation line, the company's operating capacity and efficiency are leading in the country, and it has achieved the whole process without landing when the coke is replaced from open-top container to sea container. We are leading a new mode of "industrial food" green environmental protection transportation.


The company owns operating qualifications of the dangerous goods (including LNG tank container). The company  makes efforts to promote multimodal transport of  LNG tank, constructing LNG tank container collector-distributor system  of  imports, loading and unloading, storage and transportation, achieving "one pot" and "door to door" transportation.


       With the concept of “Strict specification and Exquisite in skill, concise and agile service to home ",The company spares no efforts to provide professional container logistics service and develop the foreign trade container freight forwarding business, provides different ways, such as door-to-door, port to door, port to port, port to station, for container shipping, railway transportation and “Bulk and container transportation”service.We focuses on establishing container logistics channel, to provide customers with “the through-train, one-stop” solutions of the wholly container logistics.



       The environmental conditions at Rizhao Port is favorable. Customs, CIQ and other inspection authorities provide a one-stop customs clearance in the Shipping Trade Center. And with the fully-functional service system of My Zhoudao, the Company is dedicated to build a one-stop data platform that integrates maritime affairs, customs, frontier inspection and inspection & quarantine to be informed of freight information and achieve the best custom clearance efficiency, to provide customers with a integrated services of modern logistics service, protective tariff, trading, warehousing and financial.